Hola Language Services (HLS)

HLS has been recognized by the California Department of Education and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for their work in providing translating and interpreting workshops for bilingual (ENG/SPA) school staff.

English-Spanish Glossary - Special Education Terms
English-Spanish Glossary – Special Education Terms

This is the most comprehensive English/Spanish glossary of Special Education terms available. It contains over 1,300 acronyms and 5,000 terms used in Special Education. This new edition contains a Translation Tips Section and a Bonus Common Core State Standards Glossary.

English-Spanish Glossary - Common Core Math Terms
English-Spanish Glossary – Common Core Math Terms

This glossary contains over 1,000 Common Core Mathematics Vocabulary Terms in English and Spanish. A great tool for students to use for homework and assessments, since it does not contain definitions.

Communicating Through An Interpreter in K-12 Meetings
Communicating Through An Interpreter in K-12 Meetings

Narrated 14-minute Power-Point Presentation with Embedded Video Clips. DVD comes with the following participant materials (35 copies):
✓ Guidelines for School Interpreters
✓ Guidelines to Communicate Through an Interpreter
✓ Interpreter-Friendly Presentations Guidelines

Recent Testimonials
Leslie provides an outstanding workshop!

Wonderful content. There is so much to learn.

Easy to understand, very clear with many practical examples.

Content of class was always based on education and right on point at all times.

Was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to follow.

I will use what I learned in the HOLA Workshop everyday with students, parents & community.

You did an awesome job explaining the material and providing us with useful information, resources, and practice

Never a dull moment with you! Always keeping it education, fun and on our toes! Thank you!

The content covered critical information needed to clarity and effectively communicate context and register when translating/interpreting.

I am a Spanish teacher, but I learned that being bilingual doesn't make you an interpreter! I learned what to do and NOT do when I'm interpreting.

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