The most successful [and respectful} parent engagement workshops are conducted in the parents’ native language!

Hola Language Services (HLS) is listed as a recommended parent engagement consultant in the San Diego County Office of Education Resource Guide: Effective Methodologies for Parent Involvement to Improve Student Performance.

The following are only a few of the workshop HLS offers to parents. Workshops can be delivered in Spanish or English

HLS specializes in custom-creating parent engagement workshops based on the needs of the parents.

Please call an HLS consultant toll free at 1-877-465-2526 to discuss the needs of your school’s parents and to obtain a workshop proposal that outlines course content, time-element, and cost.

Understanding Educational Issues

— Supporting Student Learning At Home
— How to Participate in School Site Committees
— Understanding STAR, API, Student’s CUM Files
— Tips for Communicating with Teachers and Principal
— Understanding CELDT and the EL Process
— School and Site Governance/Operation
— Effective Parenting Strategies
— Understanding Suspension and Expulsion
— Why Your Child’s Attendance is So Important
— And much more!!!

Helping Parent Leaders Participate in School Committees

— ELAC/DELAC Training for Parents
— How to Adopt a Problem-Resolution Personality

Helping Parents with their Students Math Homework

— Math Refresher for Parents of K-3 Students
— Algebra Readiness for Parents
— Algebra 1 for Parents

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